About Us


Supplying Trade partners

We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of non-woven sorbents and have a renowned history of working exclusively in partnership with the trade supplying distribution, resale, catalogue and integrated supply channels.


In 1992 Schoeller & Hoesch SAS was established in France by the German paper manufacturer Schoeller & Hoesch GmbH who used “melt-blown” technology in their manufacturing process. In the early days production was focused around filtration and hygiene related products, but over time they moved into the field of sorbents, manufacturing products used to deal with oil and chemical spill.

Part of the Empteezy® group 

Empteezy® a major manufacturer of steel fabricated and rotationally moulded spill containment products purchased Schoeller & Hoesch SAS in 2003 and after renaming the business Schoeller industries switched all production to the manufacture of sorbents and spill kits.




Recent Developments 

In 2014 Schoeller Industries opened a 2nd production line to meet the growing demand from its trade customers, who are made up of some of the top distribution, resale, catalogue and integrated supply houses in Europe and beyond. Today Schoeller Industries is Europe’s leading manufacturer of nonwoven sorbents, manufactured from polypropylene mircofibres, which are used across all industry sectors for proactive housekeeping and response to spills. 

Our Service

To ensure the quality of our products we invest in our people and our products and have a full time R&D program looking at product development, a test laboratory monitoring production at every stage of the process and integrated warehousing and logistics to ensure lead times are kept to a minimum.