Workplace Cushions

Our sorbent cushions are available in white or blue oil selective, grey maintenance or yellow chemical formats to suit various applications.

Sorbent cushions are primarily used to absorb “deeper” spills in spill response applications but can also be used pro-actively to line drip trays and reduce the problem of the liquid spilling out when the tray is moved for emptying. Oil selective versions can be used pro-actively in drains that are prone to oil spills such as close to delivery areas.

Manufactured with a polypropylene filler to provide maximum absorbency our sorbent cushions are available in a range of sizes to suit different applications.

We have a strong commitment to quality, unconditional product testing and tracking including: sorbency consistency of weight, fibre density, fibre fineness and production coding. Our aim is to ensure that all our products are produced to meet the highest standards and we work to the highest internationally recognised standards. 


Blue Oil Selective


Yellow Chemical