Workplace Rolls

Our white or blue oil selective, grey maintenance or yellow chemical sorbent rolls are available in Standard, Microsorb® or Hexadyn® formats.

Standard rolls are single layer products perforated for ease of use and have exceptional absorbency. Microsorb® rolls are available in double or triple layer construction, incorporate a lint free layer, are highly absorbent and are perforated for ease of use. Hexadyn® rolls are also available in double and triple layer formats and are lint free but have extra durability due to their unique honeycomb bonding.

Rolls are ideal for day today housekeeping and can for example be used pro-actively to catch drips from the underside of conveyors, used to stop liquids from being tracked from one area to another or line the top of a work bench. This comprehensive range is manufactured in our own state of the art facilities where every production run is monitored and tested to ensure the quality and consistency of the finished product.

We have a strong commitment to quality, unconditional product testing and tracking including: sorbency consistency of weight, fibre density, fibre fineness and production coding. Our aim is to ensure that all our products are produced to meet the highest standards and we work to the highest internationally recognised standards. 


Blue Oil Selective


Yellow Chemical