Workplace Socks

Our sorbent socks are available in white or blue oil selective, grey maintenance or yellow chemical formats to suit various applications. Sorbent socks are specifically designed to allow the user to contain and absorb spilt liquids and are ideal when used as part of a spill kit to help contain a spill in a defined area. They can of course be used pro-actively around the base of machinery to contain and absorb leaking liquid and stop it spreading into areas where it could become a slip hazard to staff.

Our sorbent socks are available in 1.2m or 3m lengths and different pack quantities; we even offer an 18m cut to length sock that allows you to create custom lengths. Manufactured to the highest standards we use a polypropylene filler to ensure consistency and a high level of absorbency.

We have a strong commitment to quality, unconditional product testing and tracking including: sorbency consistency of weight, fibre density, fibre fineness and production coding. Our aim is to ensure that all our products are produced to meet the highest standards and we work to the highest internationally recognised standards. 


 Blue Oil Selective


Grey Maintenance  Yellow Chemical